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Electronics Engineering School

Masters Program in Electronics Engineering

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The Electronics Engineering Department started its Masters Program in Electronics Engineering on the first four-month term, in order to satisfy the needs of the high-tech industry installed in the country and in the region. The plan has been approved by all instances in the university and the National Council of Rectors.

The first generation has started early 2012.


  1. VLSI Design
  2. Microelectromechanical Systems
  3. Embedded Systems
  4. Digital Signal Processing


The program is bimodal, which implies that the lectures are face-to-face and on-line. Depending on the course and the professor so it will be the ratio between face-to-face time and on-line time.

Lectures on company sites are possible when the company provides full groups of students.

English Proficiency

Even though the official language for the master's program is Spanish, some courses might be held in English by international lecturers. Hence, those students accepted have to present an English proficiency test.

For those students who achieved a grade less than 85 in any of the English proficiency test, a parallel English program will be offered.

Graduation requirement: to approve the proficiency test with a grade higher than or equal to 85 in all areas of the test.

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