disp TEC

Establishment of a development framework for Embedded Real-Time Audio/Video Processing

Embedded computers are ubiquitous, since microcontroller-based systems are used in almost any sophisticated device from specialized medical equipments to airborne systems, from single production space satellites to massively produced consumer electronics including cell-phones, TV-sets, game consoles, etc. The areas of Digital Image Processing (DIP) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) are rapidly progressing and provide the fundamentals for many of the above mentioned systems. The costs involved in the complete process from the design-table to the product ready for the market are high, among others due to the high license fees of the specialized software required and the expensive engineering skills which have to be multiplied by the time necessary for the product development. Companies producing microcontrollers and system-on-chips (SoC) have aggressive strategies to attract the software and algorithm developments for their platforms, but the costs involved make it difficult for universities to acquire and generate the industry-compatible know-how. This project represents a collaboration between a representative of the technology sector (RidgeRun Engineering) and a state university (Costa Rica Institute of Technology) to create the necessary know-how for two main goals: allow the ITCR to obtain future industrial funded research in the DSP/DIP embedded sectors, and to offer the future engineers the possibility to gain the skills necessary to successfully develop applications in these areas. The deliverable will be an free and open-source software library of algorithms for embedded DSP/DIP. This project is already supported mainly by RidgeRun and Texas Instruments.

More information of the dispTEC here.