Welcome to the Photogrammetry Laboratory of Tecnológico de Costa Rica.


The Laboratory was born in the year 20XX before the need and growing demand for the use of new technologies, such as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The UAS technology is used in conjunction with photogrammetry to obtain maps and plans of land with specific objectives, which depend on the treated project in question.

UASTEC was created as an initiative of a group of professors from the Tecnologico de Costa Rica, as is Professor Dr.-Ing. Renato Rímolo Donadio, current coordinator of the laboratory.

During the little journey that the laboratory has had due to its recent creation, UASTEC has been involved in projects of various kinds with different companies, such as the Instituto del Café de Costa Rica (ICAFE), among others.


Students from Tecnológico de Costa Rica have worked in the following proyects:

Diseño e implementación de un sistema aéreo no tripulado (UAS) multirotor para aplicaciones fotogramétricas a cargo del Ing. Fernando Arias.

XXX by Ing. Edgar Gutiérrez.



Actualmente, el laboratorio se encuentra realizando investigación en áreas como:  estudio de _____ y ____.

Los proyectos y los avances que se están realizando en estas áreas de investigación, se pueden encontrar en la sección de Proyectos.